Rural Games Council

Rural games council started solapur District of Maharashtra by ch. Siddheshwar Aware in 10th March 2015.He extremely hard work to develop Rural Games Council in the districts and states have formed teams and their unit in May 2015. Number of Districs joined the Rural Game Council. Rural Game Council is registred under Govt. Of India Rural Game Council wants all rural area's boys and girls,schools and college join as. We provide all help to grow their sports carrier in all games.

Vision & Mission

RGC envisions providing a robust, vibrant and holistic physical education & school sports activity that will engender excellence in school sports sector in india.

Rural Games Council

Indian Rural Games and Players development is RGC objective.We are mainly concentrated on 'running type' games.Here we wants to attract the young empowerment of Indianyouth towards the 'sport' field.Because there is so many unsuccess & backing in Indian sports.We were doing such motivatios and encouragments to the youth through our 'Rural Game Council' from its opening March 2015.And this work is countinued till now. here we organise 'state champioship' at a 2 times evry year and National champioship per year.And Now our aim is to organising the games for 'World Champioship' upto 2019.and thinking about 15 countries minimum contribution and participation in this our aim.

Aim & Object

To encourage promote and popularize all recognized Olympic games, and other games and sports as may be decided by the council from time to time, amongst the school boys and girls of india.

Our Team


Mr. Siddheswar Bharat Aware

Mr. Siddheswar Bharat Aware

Mr. Prakash Popatrao Chavan

Mr. Prakash Popatrao Chavan

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